Online Therapy in San Francisco

The service of providing long-distance psychotherapy sessions face-to-face using technology is officially called “Telepsychology” yet it is often referred to as “Online Psychotherapy”, “Remote Therapy” and “Skype Therapy”. Telepsychology refers to using Skype and VOIP  phones (voice over internet protocol), or other means, for ongoing, uninterrupted face-to-face psychotherapy.

For years, I only worked with patients in my office but today, by using online therapy, I can see all my patients face-to-face. In addition to seeing people in my San Francisco office, I offer to meet remotely when their work requires them to be out of town. I have worked remotely in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Thailand, South Korea, Europe and Canada.

Are you a candidate for online therapy?

Most people are good candidates for online therapy, but some are not – for very good reasons. It’s never required. It’s always an alternative. Together in the office we can explore the methods and determine which is good for therapy. I feel so fortunate to be able to work this way.

Ask about online therapy today.

Dr. Thomas Ervin, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with many years of experience offering psychotherapy to individuals in San Francisco. Dr. Ervin specializes in issues related to:

  • Depression, sadness, and loss
  • Anxiety, panic, and anger
  • Managing chronic pain and illness
  • Achieving maturity and relating better as adults.
  • Relationship issues

If you have further questions or inquiries, please text (510-333-9493), email (, or call (415) 956-1884